LDC Conference 2019: it's time to register and start thinking about motions

Call for LDC Conference motions 

Please do read the letter from me highlighting what we want from motions this year.  My guidance can be found here. There will be a slightly different presentation of the motions in the agenda papers this year.  The deadline for motion submission is Tuesday 2 April.

The Annual Conference of LDCs is your conference and your contribution to the debate can make the event successful and of value to the profession at large.  

This is the only annual event where you can question whether the direction of travel of the General Dental Practice Committee is what your LDC and the colleagues you represent seek. Please start thinking about ideas for potential motion topics now. 

At a recent agenda committee meeting, it was highlighted that some LDCs are excluding (levy-paying) members of their electorate from attending LDC meetings.  

Unless something confidential is being discussed, this is unacceptable. We want a more diverse and hopefully, younger, delegation to attend conference, but how can this happen if all colleagues are not invited to LDC business? 

If you are not being invited to your regular LDC meeting, or being excluded for any reason, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can support you.

Registration for Conference is now open

Book your conference and dinner tickets online by 2 April here
(Please be ready to enter individual email addresses and GDC numbers for all Conference attendees. Non-GDC registrants should enter ‘N/A’)

How many people can my LDC send?
Please check the list of permitted attendees here before completing your registration. It may be possible for your LDC to fund additional Observers (with costs covered by individual LDCs); to discuss please contact Fiona Feltham (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for more information.

Hotel booking
Book bedrooms before 15 April. Details of how are available here.

Travel and expenses
Information about travel arrangements and expense claims can be also found on the website.

British Dental Guild contributions

It was disappointing to learn recently, also, that only 50 per cent of LDCs contribute to the British Dental Guild (BDG). This is frankly, a disconcerting state of affairs. Members of GDPC who attend meetings on behalf of the profession, take time out of practice to represent you, and they are remunerated for some of their loss of earning by the BDG.

I’ve often heard LDC reps complain that the BDA and the GDPC are not doing enough for the profession, but who is going to stand up, if we do not support them, both in spirit and financially? 

If you feel strongly about not paying into the BDG, then stand up at conference and please tell us why or if you have a better solution for ensuring we are represented. 

Do you know an unsung hero?

We all have members in our LDCs who have worked tirelessly during their professional lives, often in the background never seeking the limelight, giving up many evenings for LDC business, taking valuable time out of their practising careers.  

At the LDC Dinner, we give an annual award: ‘Unsung Heroes’. If you have someone like this on your committee who you feels deserves recognition, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let’s collectively thank such individuals for their hard work. Nominations deadline is now 2 April 2019.

Relaunching the LDC website

I want to finish this month’s blog by thanking Chair Elect Leah Farrell for her sterling work in revamping the LDC Conference website. 

The content has been updated to include much more information about what happens at conference, how motions are debated and how LDC delegates can prepare themselves for the event.  

We keep asking for newbies to come to conference and we hope the information within the new website will educate, inform and inspire.  

I would encourage all seasoned attendees to visit the site too, nothing wrong with a refresher for all of us!

Until next month, best wishes.

Vijay SudraVijay Sudra, LDC Conference Chair 2019
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