All delegates are reminded to please make travel bookings as early as possible, are encouraged to take advantage of the savings offered by booking in advance, and to make every effort to obtain the cheapest train /air ticket and car/taxi share where possible. Conference is due to commence at 13:30 on Thursday 8 June (lunch served from 12:30) and officially conclude at 13:00 on Friday 9 June (lunch served 13:00 – 14:00). Tickets for journeys before 13:00 on the Friday will not be reimbursed.

 Expense claiming


Accommodation: As standard LDC Representatives can book one-night single occupancy B&B on account. This must be booked online as part of the registration process for the event.


Breakfast is included in bedroom rates and lunch will be provided during Conference.

LDC Representatives have the option to book a dinner ticket, whereby their attendance at the Conference Dinner is funded for them. LDC Representatives not attending the Conference Dinner are permitted to claim up to a maximum of £25.00 for overnight subsistence (receipts must be provided).


Travel: Reimbursement for travel can be claimed from the LDC Conference Treasurer after the event. Expense claims forms must be submitted (with receipts) within 28 days of the event. Please see specific guidance in the ‘Travel and expense policy – LDC Representatives’  - which can be found here.

Claim form: An LDC Representative expense claim form can be found here.

LDC OBSERVERS and accompanying partners

Those attending as an LDC Observer are not permitted to claim expenses for the conference or dinner from the LDC Conference Fund.

LDC Observers should book accommodation from the event rooming blocks as part of the registration process. Credit cards will be taken as a guarantee, with payment due to the hotel directly on check-out.


GDPC members attending will have their travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses covered by the BDA.

They are not permitted to claim from the LDC Conference Fund and should make their own travel arrangements and seek reimbursement from the BDA after the event by submitting a GDPC Member expense claim form with receipts within 28 days of the event. The claim form is available here.

A reminder of the BDA Expense claim policy can be located on the BDA website.

As standard GDPC members can book one-night single occupancy B&B on account. To enable the BDA to make pre-payment this must be booked online as part of the registration process for the event.

GDPC members are required to purchase dinner tickets in full and can then seek reimbursement for the £25 dinner subsistence allowance after the event by completing the expense claim form.