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North Wales LDC seeks help with survey

Dear LDC Secretary,
Following our presentation at LDC Officials Day in November, we are circulating a short survey to the LDCs to ask about the digital forms of communication that they use with their members and how things may have altered in response to the COVID pandemic.

We would be very grateful if you could complete the survey, which is accessible via the link below:

Please click here

This will hopefully enable us to obtain a national view as to the methods the different LDCs utilise when communicating with their members. The information gathered will then be anonymised, collated and available to all to act as reference point for the individual LDCs.
Your help is very much appreciated. - Email address for any correspondence.

Kind regards,

Callum Smith
North Wales Local Dental Committee

Conference Update

Plans are coming together very well for the Virtual LDC conference taking place on Saturday 25 July.

We have a great selection of motions which shows just how well engaged with conference LDCs are this year. We have also seen had a fantastic response to the special observer positions and will be welcoming lots of newcomers this year.

Amongst others we will be in conversation with Sara Hurley, CDO England and we will for the first time in a few years hear from the Minister Jo Churchill.

Shawn Charlwood will update conference on GDPC’s position during the COVID NHSE contract payment negotiations and has made a request that everybody at conference be given the opportunity to provide vital input to the ongoing negotiation process.

Please consider what features you feel a future dental contract should incorporate and share your thoughts with conference during this discussion. Conference should grasp this opportunity to shape the NHSE contract as it evolves through the recovery phase.

Motions will be sent out shortly to all registered attendees; please do take some time to consider your position on each of them. We encourage you to comment on the day if you feel you have something to add to any of the motions. The event will be all the better if you get fully engaged and lend your voice.

Looking forward to seeing you there; we’re all pioneers of the virtual conference frontier.

Leah Farrell
LDC Conference Chair 2020

Further assistance or questions
If you have a question regarding the arrangements for the conference please contact Fiona Feltham (Events Manager) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Successful Online Conference
LDC Conference – Online. Saturday 25 July 2020