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BDA Indemnity: a unique service designed for dentists and dentistry

Our indemnity cover provides you with comprehensive, contractual and bespoke professional liability insurance, plus dentist-led advice and resources.

You’ll get all the benefits of being a member, plus a policy that’s backed by one of the UK’s top 5 UK insurers with assured financial security. A contractual right to cover means you’ll have peace of mind that when an incident occurs under the policy, you’re covered forever. Our policy is already regulated; it offers contractual certainty rather than discretion, and is occurrence based rather than claims made - it is already fit for the future.

  • Only for UK dentists
  • A unique blend of a financially secure insurer and member-focused dentist-to-dentist advice
  • Price certainty – it’s all included! There’s no need for run-off, no prospect of a ‘second call’ (ask your indemnifier what this means)
  • Clear and fair terms mean that cover is reliable and predictable.

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