Due to the Covid-19 outbreak the decision has been made that this year’s LDC Conference will be held online as a virtual event.
Please see the home page for more details.

Conference 2019
Conference 2019

Taking part in conference is a great opportunity for dentists, young and old, from every region to be proactive in finding new ways to improve dentists’ working lives and to facilitate us all to do the best for our patients.

Coming to conference you get the chance to challenge the status quo and step out of your comfort zone.

If you have strong feelings on any aspect of dentistry - please let your voice be heard!

The Conference Committee are particularly keen to encourage new attendees at conference to keep both input and engagement up to date and relevant to the new demographic emerging in dentistry. We particularly welcome new young dentists and women attendees.

By attending conference, you get many opportunities to make a contribution, for example by;

  1. Networking during the coffee break sessions and evening dinner event. During these you get the chance to introduce your self to new people and share ideas with other LDCs.
  2. Proposing a motion.
  3. Speaking in support of or against a motion.
LDC Conference 2019

Speaker Identification Slips
At conference, during the Motions Sessions, Delegates and members of GDPC may wish to speak to or against a motion. Observers may speak to a motion, but only having sought the Chair’s permission on each occasion.

Speaker Identification Slips are available on each table on the floor of conference. Every speaker must complete one of these and present it to the Chair Elect at the Top Table before taking their turn to speak at the podium.

The speaker should enter:

  • their name
  • their LDC
  • whether they are a Delegate, a member of GDPC or an Observer
  • which motion they wish to speak to
  • whether they are speaking for or against that motion
  • whether they are first time speakers

This informs the Chair the order in which to take the speakers. It is in the interest of conference that all delegates and members of GDPC who wish to speak get their say to ensure a democratic outcome. However, if time is pressing and it appears that opinions expressed are all going in the same direction, the Chair’s discretion may bring the debate to a close and go to a vote. Where possible the Chair will choose speakers who rarely speak ahead of those who are regularly heard.

Conference is an opportunity for all delegates to make a contribution. Because time is limited we request that no single delegate makes too many interventions as this limits the opportunity for other to speak and can stifle debate. We ask all delegates to act reasonably in this respect.

Buddying up
Networking for new attendees is easier if you have a buddy. We have a buddy system in place where you can call upon experienced members to meet with you and help you navigate the sometimes-confusing rules and mysterious rituals of conference. Choose from our list of buddies contact them in advance if you are thinking of coming along and have a chat. You can meet up on the day and be confident of a friendly face to show you the ropes.

The buddy list is available on request from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

First time speakers can get advice on speaking at conference here.

Be prepared well in advance.
Make sure that your LDC allows plenty of time to discuss who will attend and to formulate conference motions. Details of time schedules will be circulated to all LDC Secretaries in good time, and of course added to this site. But in the meantime please contact Fiona Feltham, Events Manager at the BDA on 020 7563 6876 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with any queries.

All the conference motions are sent to LDCs in advance of conference. It is advisable to read and discuss these with your LDC. You can then attend conference with well prepared responses for or against the motions.

Finally, get involved, have your say make a difference, you can make the changes you want to see to better our profession going forward and better serving dentists and patients’ needs. We look forward to seeing you in Brighton in 2020.