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LDC Conference – Online. Saturday 25 July 2020

Registration is now open!

Plans for a virtual LDC Conference on Saturday 25 July are now well underway. The day will incorporate much of what is core to Conference - the discussion of motions, the opportunity to hear about the latest developments in dental politics and debate with key figures in the profession, and indeed to network with colleagues from across the UK.
The below provides a summary on the registration process and the deadlines for motions and nominations.
Action required by Wednesday 1 July


This year is exceptional in that a virtual conference has been convened at pace, and the time
available to consider motions is shorter than in “normal “ years. Notwithstanding the shortened timeframe we are confident that LDCs will be able to confer and will have many burning issues to raise in the form of motions for debate.

We request that motions are submitted by Wednesday 1 July.

The agenda committee is acutely aware that events are moving very quickly and accept you
may want to leave submission motions until nearer the deadline. Motions of an urgent nature may be admitted for debate nearer the date of conference at the discretion of the Conference Chair.

We recommend looking at the ‘Contribute’ section of the website where there is
plenty of guidance on how to effectively prepare and then propose a motion.

Once motions are confirmed, proposers will be contacted by the organising team to arrange the video recording of their motion. Video recording in advance (e.g. using a camera on your phone) is the preferred method as it will allow for smoother running of the conference on the day. If you are not able to record your speech in advance you will be able speak live. Please note the proposer must be available to attend and engage on the day of the Conference and has the right to reply to any debate that arises.

Proposal of motions may not exceed three minutes in length. The time allowed for reply is one minute.


To help with the revised format for this year, nominations for the positions outlined below must be submitted in advance using the online nomination forms available on the website. It will not be possible to nominate ‘from the floor’.
Elections will take place for the following seven positions:

1. Chair elect of conference
2. Honorary treasurer
3. Two honorary auditors
4. One representative to GDPC
5. One representative to the board of managers of the British Dental Guild
6. One representative to the Conference Agenda Committee

Information about what each of the roles entails can be found on the website here.

All nominations must be received by Wednesday 1 July.

Registration process

As usual the Conference is open to nominated LDC representatives and members of the BDA General Dental Practice Committee.
The conference will be hosted on Zoom, and all LDCs representative and GDPC members must register in advance (booking via the LDC Conference website) to ensure they receive their unique access links which will be distributed with final papers (due out Saturday 18 July).

Click here to book your place

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First virtual LDC Conference planned for July 25th 2020

Message from the Chair of LDC Conference

I am writing to advise you that the LDC Conference Agenda committee held a virtual meeting this morning to discuss the future of this year's conference.  As you know this is currently scheduled to take place in November.

 We are naturally frustrated with the uncertainty of the situation that we all find ourselves in but the possibility of facilitating a conference in November is looking increasingly doubtful. 

The Committee, with regret, unanimously voted to cancel the event - to avoid spending time organising a face- to-face event which almost certainly would not take place.

We are however planning to run a virtual Conference - which will incorporate much of what is core to Conference - the discussion of motions, the opportunity to hear about the latest developments in dental politics and debate with key figures in the profession, and indeed to network with colleagues from across the UK.

This virtual Conference is scheduled to take place on Saturday 25 July and Fiona Feltham, our event organiser will be sending more detail through in due course.

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LDC Conference 2020 (4 and 5 June 2020) – POSTPONED

LDC Conference 2020 (4 and 5 June 2020) – POSTPONED

Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, this year’s LDC Conference and Dinner due to take place in Brighton on the 4 and 5 June will be postponed.

Update April 2:
Closing date for registration, motions and nominations is now Friday 2 October.

The event will instead be held on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 November 2020 – same place, different dates! We are in the process of confirming the finer details and we will share more information as soon as we have it.

With LDC Conference taking place in late November, there will be no dedicated LDC Officials’ day this year.

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LDC CONFERENCE 2020 – Registration now open

I am very much looking forward to welcoming you all to LDC Conference at the Grand Hotel Brighton on 4-5 June. We promise to complement our time-honoured tradition of debate, with innovation and new insights to enable us to shape the future of dentistry.


It is time for all LDCs to start thinking about writing and submitting motions. Your motions are crucial to the debate, they are the voice of the grassroots and point the direction, so GDPC can fight for the desperately needed improvements for our profession.

To assist in deciding which motions your LDC will propose, this year we have produced a catalogue of all motions carried in the last three years. This will show you what has been most important to dentists recently. You can also review the footage from the last two years here.

Because motions are intended to give direction for GDPC policy please find here a list of existing GDPC polices. This outlines how GDPC has acted on motions carried at previous conferences and how much they have achieved on our behalf.

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Is your working life as a dentist perfect?

(c) Getty Images

If so that’s great but if not why not take part in next year’s Local Dental Committee (LDC) Conference, and tell us what you’d like to see help make some positive changes.

You can speak for your profession and be part of a movement for change.

My name is Leah Farrell and I am the chair of the next LDC Conference and I’m very much looking forward to next year’s event – which is going to be in Brighton, 4-5 June 2020 at the Grand Hotel. 

Conference 2020 promises to build on the work of recent conferences where delegates enthusiastically put forward innovative ideas for improving our professional lives. Hundreds of dentists from all over the UK will gather to meet new friends and form networks to further their careers.

I am particularly passionate about the issue of stress in our profession – it seems to be getting worse and I’m hearing stories of people feeling isolated and burnt out. We can all play a part in tackling this problem and I would like to place an emphasis on how we as LDCs can help each other when times get tough. 

The demographic of our workforce is changing, there are now more women than men entering the profession, and the standard career path of working as an associate and then buying a practice is changing. 

We need to hear the voices of as wide a spectrum of the profession as possible. This year conference passed a motion encouraging all LDCs to change their constitution to allow the co-option of two young dentists. 

This allows newcomers to join the LDC without having to worry about gathering votes, and gives them a way of meeting colleagues and to then get voted on to LDC as full member the next voting round.

A model LDC constitution can be found here

Any issues you feel strongly about can be debated and could well direct the policy of other key stakeholders, including your representatives on the General Dental Practice Committee.

This year we will be producing a quick guide to existing GDPC policy, so you can easily see what GDPC is already working on and help you to come up with new ideas and direction for change, that can have a real impact. 

We will keep you updated with progress on the programme for 2020 soon, but in the meantime, I call on LDCs to reach out to the younger dentists in their patch – please help support them and encourage them to get more involved. More information about LDC Conference is available on the website.

Leah Farrell, LDC Conference Chair
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Welcome to the Local Dental Committee (LDC) Conference website, the essential guide to getting involved and making the most of LDC Conference.

What is LDC Conference?

LDC Conference is an annual gathering of hundreds of LDC and GDPC representatives from all over the UK to exchange thoughts, encourage collaboration and turn ideas into reality.

The event is the highlight of the LDC calendar -results driven, up to the minute and you won’t want to miss it..

Due to the coronavirus , this year we are holding the conference online. We are going to incorporate most of the usual elements of conference but inevitably the social interaction element will have to wait until we can meet again face to face.

The conference event will run this year from 10am until 4pm with scheduled breaks throughout.

Highlights from the successful 2019 LDC Conference held in Birmingham can be found here, and include reflections of the event from the Chair Vijay Sudra.

Conference Video Footage of the 2019 debates and formal presentations can be found here - broken down in easy to find sections.

Purpose of conference.

The main purpose of conference is to allow grass roots dentists to speak out and let our representatives at the BDA’s General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC) know what is important to us. This is done during the conference motions part of the agenda. Details of the GDPC can be found here.

Our online conference will this year offer opportunities to scrutinise key players in the profession. Delegates will be able to post questions to senior influencers in the profession and inform them as they make decisions on our behalf. Details to follow.

Conference this year will be a right up to the minute forum for dentists to collaborate, focus on solutions and find new ways to improve our working lives and to facilitate us to do the best for our patients.

It is also an important opportunity to celebrate the successes of GDPC negotiations and if necessary express our displeasure with any failures.


Leah Farrell - Chair of Conference 2020

Who can attend Conference?

LDC conference is a gathering of delegates from all over the UK and consists of:

  • LDC Representatives
  • Permitted Observers
  • GDPC Members
  • Members of the Conference Agenda Committee
  • Special observer seats are available this year

A list showing your LDCs allocation of attenders can be found here.
If an LDC wishes to send more Representatives or Observers than they are entitled to send, approval should be requested from the Conference Chair in advance.