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Looking forward to welcoming you to Harrogate

Mark Green

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Harrogate for this year’s Annual Conference of Local Dental Committees. We are being hosted by the Majestic Hotel which I hope exceeds your expectations. I have to be honest it wasn’t my first choice as I would have liked to welcome you to my home city of York but truth be told there are just too many of us to fit any hotel there! I wanted as much as possible an “all under one roof” event and The Majestic fitted that bill.

Still, you have to admit anywhere in North Yorkshire is impressive, that includes the scenery, the history, the food and drink (and I include wine as we have several vineyards in the county) and of course the people.

Our profession has a very intimate connection with people and that will continue despite rapid advancement of A.I. There is a trust in the patient / dentist relationship that I believe is unique to us, and only those that have worked in it appreciate the depth of that bond. The government certainly doesn’t appreciate it, but then again do they appreciate anything to do with dentistry? Well maybe they will in the upcoming General Election when they do their door-to-door campaigning and find our loyal patients demand a better NHS dental service!

Personally, I have devoted my entire career to providing NHS dental care and it has given me a great deal of satisfaction, but would I choose the same path again should I be turning the clock back 30 years? I don’t think I would, and I don’t blame colleagues for taking the private option. We are health care professionals, but we cannot provide that healthcare if the business model in the NHS is forcing businesses to close. We must fight for NHS dental services to be better.

I hope by the end of this conference we will have inspired the next generation of younger dentists to continue the good fight. If we sit back and resign ourselves then that is what will happen. The BDA and LDCs have kept NHS dentistry in the limelight and without the negative backlash that the government expected. The next 12-18 months I believe will be the make or break of NHS dentistry …. but what do I know? (not a lot according to my wife and kids!). What I do know is without it the country, and society as a whole, will be much worse off.

Please find following some specific information to help with preparations ahead of the event.

Please read the list of motions contained in the
conference papers ahead of the event and submit any requests for changes to the wording of motions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 12 noon on Tuesday 30 May. In line with Standing Orders and of course to ensure an efficient use of the limited time available on the day, requests for changes to motions will not be accepted on the day of the event. 

LDC Representatives – voting

LDC Representatives are required to bring a smartphone or tablet along to the event this year to participate in the voting. Further details will be provided in due course to those eligible to vote during motions.

The Conference Dinner will take place on the Thursday evening in the Ballroom at the hotel. The evening begins with a drinks reception at 19:15 in the Reading and Drawing room, with dinner service commencing at 20:00.

Dress code is black tie. If you have not booked but would now like to attend, please contact Fiona to ensure you can be accommodated (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 020 7563 6876).

Information to help with travel arrangements and expense claiming (including the appropriate claim forms for LDC Reps and GDPC members) can be found on the website.

To help you with your travel plans it may be useful to highlight that conference on the Thursday will commence at 13:30 with lunch served from 12:30. Conference will conclude at 13:00 on Friday with lunch served until 14:00.

We will be joined by an array of exhibitors and their support of the event is incredibly valued. Please do take the time to visit the exhibition during the breaks.

CONFERENCE PAPERS AT THE EVENT                                
Please use this link to download the Conference papers. Hard copies will not be provided on the day, details of each motion will be displayed on the AV screens, but you are welcome to bring your own device if you would like to view the information electronically during the event or print beforehand if you prefer paper copies.

A joining instruction email will be sent to all delegates a week prior with a final summary of information. In the meantime please direct any questions you may have about the arrangements for the event to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I look forward to seeing you in Harrogate!

Mark Green  

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Chair of LDC Conference 2023

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